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Graduation Ceremony - Class of December 2019

Since 1998, B.H.M.S., Business and Hotel Management School, prepares thousands of global leaders who put in the hard work to finally attend their graduation ceremony - a remarkable event that takes place two times each year.


On December 5th, B.H.M.S. celebrated a new class of graduates at the Schweizerhof, a traditional 5-star hotel located right in the Old Town of Lucerne, with a ceremony gathering students from different nationalities. Their families and friends were also present to celebrate this special event which marks the transition from the study time to the professional world.


Mr. Beat Wicki, Director of B.H.M.S., presided over the ceremony followed by the welcome speech of Mr. Meister, President of the Bénedict Education Group.


The B.H.M.S. Class of December 2019 was presented by Mrs. Heather Robinson, our Academic Dean, and the Bachelor's Degree graduate Ms. Maria Rebeiz delivered an exceptional speech on behalf of all graduates.



Finally, to complete the celebration, the B.H.M.S. staff, students, families and friends gathered for an Aperitif.

It was indeed a great and unforgettable day, and we want to congratulate all and wish them further success in personal and professional paths.

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Hotel and Hospitality Management

Diploma in Hospitality Management                 |     MBA Dual Degree

Higher Diploma in Hospitality Management     |     M.Sc Degree in International Hospitality Business Management

Bachelor Degree in Hospitality Management   |     Postgraduate Diploma Hospitality Management

Global Business Management

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MBA Dual Degree

M.Sc Degree in Global Business Business Management

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