Business Management

Business Management programs at B.H.M.S. provide fundamental management skills applicable in practically every career field. Graduates of Business Management programs at B.H.M.S. are equipped with an academic qualification and skill set that is attractive to potential employers across a range of global business sectors in fields such as international sales and marketing, finance and controlling, banking, human resources, operations management, supply chain management and administrative positions in government and NGOs.

Les Bachelors en Gestion Globales suivants peuvent être complétés à l'école de gestion d'entreprise et d'hôtellerie B.H.M.S. de Lucerne:

Bachelor en  Management Gestion Globale

Diplôme de Management de l'hospitalité

Diplôme supérieur Management de l'hospitalité

BA Degree Global Business Management

Master en Management Gestion Global

M.Sc. Degree Global Business Management

MBA Dual Degree

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